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Roofing products

We at Kilbride Roofing pride ourselves on being able to work with all forms of traditional roof coverings and have a broad and deep knowledge of all the variations found in this area and beyond. We are able to source and fix a wide range of materials from around the world including the following materials as well as many more.



natural slate

  • Natural slate is a very durable and attractive product. A slate roof installed by us will outlast the owners, and possibly last the life of the building. Our natural products are tested to BS EN 12326 Part I, which means that they will be unaffected by extreme heat or cold, and resistant to chemicals. This means you can be sure that a slate roof installed by us will withstand acid rain and sulphur dioxide in the atmosphere. Natural slate is not the cheapest roofing material, but offers the most pleasing finished product.

  • As it is a natural product, slate roofing provide an appearance that is full of character, vital for Heritage roofing and listed buildings. As a specialist roofing contractor, we install slates from numerous quarries.

manmade slate

  • Manmade slates are generally cheaper and lighter in weight than natural slates. With our excellent range of manmade slates (which are all produced to BS EN 492), we can achieve the look of natural roofing slates without spending as much money. We install many types of manmade slates from Marley Eternit, Cembrit and Redland.

  • Manmade slates are made from a variety of materials, such as fibre cement and slate dust mixed with resin. We install many fibre cement slates from manufacturers such as Marley Eternit and Cembrit, who provide a great choice of styles and colours. We can of course provide you with the help and information you need to make the right choice.



natural clay tile

  • We have been installing Clay roof tiles for our customers across Devon, Cornwall, Somerset Jersey and Devon for a very long time. Clay Roof Tiles bring character to a building, coming in many colours and textures that mellow and simply look better with age. Clay roof tiles are a premium, natural product, and are a key part of the UK's architectural heritage. New clay tiles can be supplied with an aged appearance to match in with historic products.

  • As the housing market becomes more sophisticated, the way a house looks from the outside plays as significant a role as to how it looks on the inside. Any prospective buyer will notice the roof on a property, and a Clay tile roof undoubtedly distinguishes a house as a premium property.

manmade concrete tile

  • Manmade roofing tiles can be made from a variety of materials, and we install all of these products during our roofing projects across Devon, Cornwall, Jersey, Guernsey and Somerset. A concrete mixture is generally used in a range of profiles and colours.

  • Concrete tiles are not a new product – they were originally invented in the 19th Century in Bavaria! Many properties built with these tiles still remain, which is a testimony to their durability. It was not until the previous century that pigments were added to the concrete to simulate the appearance of a natural clay tiled roof.

  • Being a very durable product, concrete tiles will generally last the life of the property. The extreme weather that can be found across Devon, Cornwall, Somerset can take its toll on lesser products, and concrete tiles achieve a minimum of a class 3 hail resistance rating. Concrete tiles will withstand winds of up to 125mph – the forces of which would normally rip lesser products off a roof. Not an issue for Jersey and Guernsey, but a properly installed concrete tile roof exceeds current seismic load requirements.



milled lead & cast lead

  • When undertaking any leadworking projects, we ensure that appropriate investigation is carried out before starting work to assess the condition of the timber base, the existing leadwork, such as the existence of serious rippling or splits, poorly placed fixings that interfere with the movement of the lead as temperatures change, inadequate fixings and the use of unsuitable existing underlays. As leadworking experts, we have the ability and experience to undertake the most difficult of jobs from complicated detailing to very ornate decorative finials.

  • When dealing with Heritage roofing and listed buildings, we are able install traditionally produced lead, made by casting molten lead on a bed of sand. Such leadwork is largely used for replacement work on Churches, Cathedrals and other historic buildings, where the authenticity is important. Generally though modern milled lead sheet is used and made to BS 1178.

  • All of our work is in line with the recommendations of the Lead Sheet Association and BS 6915 (2, 5 and 6). Care is taken to ensure that the leadwork is best installed to combat the prevailing weather conditions across the areas we cover including Devon, Somerset, Cornwall, Jersey and Guernsey. Factors such as wind lift, which can loosen fittings and cause leaks are taken into account and combated by wedging cover flashings into brick or stone walls at maximums of 500mm between wedges.

  • You can be sure that any leadwork performed by Kilbride Roofing will be carried out by skilled workers and will be of the highest standards possible, and we are proud to have worked on many historic and listed buildings.


metal standing seam

pre Formed steel sheet

  • Kilbride Roofing are fully trained and approved to install Catnic SSR2 standing seam roof and cladding system. It has been uniquely designed to accommodate a wealth of building and installation requirements, from standard residential homes and social housing, to community buildings and larger executive homes.

  • The fully supported metal panel is available in maximum lengths of 12.5m with nominal panel widths of 514mm and more narrower width of 305mm, suitable for buildings exposed to areas of elevated wind velocity. Available in a variety of unique colours utilising the renowned Tata Steel Colorcoat pre finished steel. specifically designed for residential areas. Coated in a high performing organic plastisol for guaranteed durability during the lifetime of the building.

  • Quick fit system reduces installation time on site compared with traditional roofing products. SSR2 lightweight steel is on average 7 x lighter than the traditional roof tiles, allowing ease on site handling, it also has a performance rating in excess of 40 years and 25 years for coastal environments. Versatile products that can be laid vertically to a pitch of 5 degrees and easily integrated with glazing and renewable technologies such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems.

  • 15 year System Guarantee - Class A fire performance rating - BRE Green Guide A rated - 100% recyclable - Suited to any size of project - Quickly weather resistant


fibreglass grp

cold applied liquid resin

  • Fibreglass GRP is a cost-effective, fast curing polyester roofing system that is ideal for a wide range of refurbishment and new build applications. The system is cold applied and fully reinforced providing a tough yet highly flexible seamless membrane. The system rapidly becomes weather resistant allowing fast access in situations where foot traffic is required. The ease of application of the system enables effective waterproofing over complex or awkward detailing such as protrusions and plant, and is suitable for Overlays, Warm roofs, inverted roofs, green roofs and balconies.

  • It is widely acknowledged by professional specifiers as a quality benchmark and is specified for refurbishment and new build by Housing Associations, Architectural Practices and Local Authorities throughout the country.

  • Complete composite roofing solution for flat roofs and box/valley gutters - New build or refurbishment - Seamless, cold liquid applied membrane - 30 year durability rated by the BBA - 20 year insurance backed guarantee - Withstands regular foot traffic - Impact resistant and vandal resistant - Warm or cold roof specifications - Optional lead roll effect


cedar shingle

cedar wood slate

  • Cedar shingles maximise the yield from felled trees, using parts of the log that would be otherwise scrapped. This renewable resource is the ideal roofing material for an eco-friendly house build. Our cedar shingles are sourced from well managed forests in British Columbia and Canada, and most products are FSC or PEFC certified.

  • Cedar shingles give a very natural and aesthetically pleasing look to a building and are surprisingly durable, making for a long lasting roof covering. Cedar is much more resistant to rot than other woods, and another interesting fact is that Cedar shingles have higher natural insulation properties than any roofing material currently available. As a specialist roofing contractor, we have installed cedar shingles on new build properties as well as on restorations jobs. Cedar shingles are particularly resistant to wind and storms, and as such are particularly suitable for coastal locations such as Devon, Cornwall Jersey and Guernsey.

  • We only install cedar shingles that have been pre-treated, protecting the shingles from the elements, resulting in even less chance of mould or decay. Cedar shingles require careful installation with airflow around them so they can breathe and dry after absorbing moisture. As experts in our field, our installation work is performed carefully to avoid cupping and warping.


metal tiles

galvenised metal tile

  • Kilbride Roofing is an expert installer Decra lightweight roof tiles across Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Jersey and Guernsey. These products are easily handled, offering fast installation, durability and low maintenance. Decra tiles are used on many types of new build and refurbishment projects in public and private sectors. This product can be used on roof profiles as low as 10 degrees.

  • Vandals and housebreakers have now resorted to breaking and entering via roofs as locks and shutters are constantly improving. Decra roofing is approved by the Police Force to be the most secure roofing material, and when fixed by an expert roofing contractor such as us, conforms to the stringent LPS 1175 standard.

  • Decra is guaranteed to be weatherproof for 30 years. Modern Decra tiles are a high-tech zinc-alunimium galvanised product, completely encapsulated in a multi-layered epoxy. Modern Decra tiles now last for 4 times longer than the first generation product! Decra tiles will not crack, break, burn, curl, split or rot.

  • Decra tiles can be specified in six different styles, offering the appearance of interlocking clay or concrete tiles, or even the look of a traditional slated roof. Decra roofing is also designed to not be noisy like an old corrugated tin roof, nor is it hotter in the summer or colder in the winter.

  • Whichever roofing material you choose for your project, be it a new build or a re-roof, using an expert roofing contractor like us is important to ensure that the installation is completed correctly and therefore that manufacturer warranties can be relied upon.